Build A Shooting Board With Hand Tools


I needed to knock up a new shooting board so we turned it into a video!

There’s loads of designs and approaches to building a shooting board, but as you might expect from us this one is super simple.

The finished thing is small and light, which suits my work really well as I can just chuck it under the bench when it’s not needed. And even more important to me is it doubles up as my bench hook, which helps to keep things extremely minimal.

It’s built from solid wood, and I’d recommend softwood for this as it’s elasticity will actually help it to last.
I’ve used this design over many years and those tapered housings really do keep the whole thing stable and cup free. (The only reason this one was needed is because I left the old one on the back of a truck, in a bucket… in the rain. The water caused twist which made the thing a right hassle to use. But if you keep them out the rain they do last incredibly well!)

We hope you enjoy the video and if you’d like to knock up your own you can download the drawing here:

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If you’re new to hand tools then you might like to check out our post about your minimal tool kit for getting started, which you can find here:

Or if you want us to take you step by step through a project then have a browse through our Completed Video Builds here:

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