Gluing Up A Workbench Leg – Perfect Face to Face Glue Joints

Right then, I finally got round to starting some of these question and answers.

This is a bit of an odd ball, but something that’s asked a lot. I also see this issue a lot… sadly.

The problem is delamination.
An issue where a big face to face glue line starts to fail or peel open. I use a workbench leg as an example in this video, as this is where it most commonly happens. And also despite making two workbench videos, neither of them required leg glue ups. So I finally found the excuse to go through the process.

On a side note, we’re getting ready for a big build launch next week. Hopefully Tuesday, so pop back then for more details. If you want a clue, think Russian doll!

I don’t get chance to monitor comments here – so if you have anything to say hope over to the website:

If you like another video to get stuck into, check out the shooting board build:

Or learn to build the rest of the workbench!

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