House Update (03) | Paul Sellers

Demolition can at first seem negative until you start to see how remedial work prepares the way for building something newly designed and well built. I was excited to see the walls replaced with beams of steel and a wide, open, airy space for living in. I felt such inspiration for the new furniture designs for Sellers Home surrounding the kitchen, dining and living area that include the garden close by. I do hope you will join us on this special journey as we reshape our future together and build the many pieces that make a home a home.


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Timber Used in Woodturning

A woodturner will constantly try to use the most interesting and also lovely hardwood varieties for making wooden bowls. A few of the most effective transforming timber can not be bought, it needs to be located.

What Is Woodturning?

Transformed wood bowls know to everybody. Yet do you recognize exactly how they are made? Here is information about the craft of woodturning.

An Overview of Woodworking Routers and Router Bits

Woodworking routers and also router bits are necessary tools for any type of DIY woodworking project. This post will certainly speak about these tools and just how they can aid you.

Free Woodworking Plans – A Guide to Easy Woodworking Projects

The free woodworking plans are compiled by professional as well as proficient woodworkers and include all the needed standards and also materials to assist in woodworking tasks. You can also get of blue prints, images as well as videos to assist you in your projects.

Dust Control at the Lathe

Woodturning reveals you to hazardous dirt. To protect your health and wellness you require to take preventative measures, yet not all the usual approaches work. Below is suggestions regarding the various alternatives.

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