How To Cut Perfect Mortice Walls – With A Router Plane

The router plane is one of those rare tools that seems to always be in my hand despite not really being an essential in my minimal tool kit.
In doesn’t quite have the versatility of a chisel which can pretty much come in for anything. But when it does suit a job it offers precision with such simplicity that it’s an absolute joy to use.
If you’ve got one (and you should have) then you’ll be eager for excuses to put it into action, so here’s a tip for a use that the manufacturers might have overlooked – accurately cleaning up mortice walls.

The video above is a clip taken from our Danish Stool Series – and it explains when and how to benefit from this approach.
Watch the intro to the full build here:

Or find full details for the series over at the website:

More to come!
We’ve been busy in the background these past couple of years, and though we’ve created plenty of video builds for you to follow along things have been quiet around here on YouTube.
We’d like to pick up the pace again so start keeping an eye out for new content, and check out the blog if you’d like to join in with discussions!

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