How to Set a Cap Iron | Paul Sellers

You can 20 expert woodworkers about what distance to set the cap iron (chip-breaker USA) foredge to the cutting edge and get 20 different suggestions. Why? Because generally speaking, it is undefined. I personally find that 1/32″ (1mm) works well but watch this video and, you will see that you can set it anywhere between 1/32″ and 1/8″ and, it will still cut nicely. Myth and mysteries often have no real substance to them so, this is done to bust them.

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Woodworking With Mahogany – Tips When Working With the Revered Species of Wood

Mahogany is a beautiful sort of wood which is known to furnishings home builders as well as owners alike to provide both style and also durability. When it involves the production of great furnishings, there are some things to keep in mind of when woodworking with mahogany.

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Woodworking With Pine Made Easy With These Tips

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Woodworking With Cherry – Tips for Every Project

Cherry has a luxuriously deep color which looks better as it ages. Making use of cherry for woodworking is wonderful especially when you’re making furnishings since it discolorations conveniently and also makes attractive items. If you’ll be woodworking with cherry, below are a number of points you should understand.

Growth Rings on Wood – How They Affect Your Stock

Development rings on wood inform a lot about the history of the tree it was drawn from. As a woodworker, you must recognize just how these can influence your supply, as well as your project as a whole. Below are a few points you ought to recognize to aid you recognize much more regarding growth rings.

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