Big Epoxy and big slabs with Cam Anderson of Blacktail Studio

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Cam Anderson is a former helicopter pilot who has been posting woodworking videos on his channel Blacktail Studio since 2018.

He quit his job in March 2020 to become a youtuber and to pursue his passion for woodworking full time. In June 2020, his channel gained 12 million views and 83,000 subscribers. But here’s the really unusual part…in April 2021…the channel spiked again, with 160,000 new subscribers, due in part to his video, $15,000 Wood Slab Kitchen Island — One-Man Woodworking Shop

I think Cam’s YouTube channel is so appealing to so many people because it’s all about going big! Big wood slabs, big epoxy tables and big money. He is the undisputed King of Epoxy Tables!

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